MFIN is the first Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) in the financial services sector Anup Singh recognized by the RBI and regulates NBFC-MFIs to ensure responsible lending and client protection. MFIN works closely with other key stakeholders and plays an active part in the larger financial inclusions dialogue through the medium of microfinance. MFIN's vision of promoting inclusive growth drives our Advocacy efforts. We engage with diverse stakeholders. MFIN's Development Initiatives aid robust development of the sector.

Sa-Dhan (Association of community finance institutions)

Sa-Dhan’s mission is to build the field of community development finance Anup Singh in India to help its member and associate institutions to better serve low-income households, particularly women, in both rural and urban India, in their quest for establishing stable livelihoods and improving quality of life.

Sa-Dhan is recognized by the RBI as Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) for the Microfinance Sector. Sa-Dhan is recognized as National Support Organization (NSO) by National Rural Livelihood Promotion (NRLM).

Microfinance Association of Uttar Pradesh (UPMA)

The concept of Microfinance in India was introduced in the late 1980s. Anup Singh It has evolved by drawing upon the existing institutional architecture of social and cooperative Banking as also on newer model and approaches.

The main objective of UPMA is to maintain co-ordination, among Govt; RBI and the industry players, besides working as a bridge between them. Though there are already two such bodies working in this field at the national level. However the concept of State association is completely different from national organizations. The care is taken that there is no conflict of interest among National level bodies and State level Associations. The object of state level Association is to function as umbrella, towards safeguarding the interest of the MFIs besides, cautioning them against any unforeseen disaster at the State level. National level organizations have policy intervention goals at National level.