Case Studie-1 :: Sunita Desai

25 year Sunita Desai Sunita Desai Case Studyof village Mowaiyya, Anup SinghAllahabad district married at the age of 15 has taken loan from Sonata twice. Sunita has 3 children eldest being 9 years of age. Her husband picks up sand from river and sells it to the construction company earning a daily wage of Rs. 150/-. Their earning came to a halt when the boat suffered wreckage. Sonata’s loan came to rescue. Now they have their own boat and the whole of earning comes to their house only. Sunita says, “I joined Sonata & took loan from them. That’s how our work resumed. I took the second loan and made our boat. Earlier we had to hire somebody else’s boat & work. We had to share the earning with the owner of the boat. That is why we have got our own boat made. Now the whole earning comes home.”

Case Studie-2 :: Kamla Bai

Another success story is that of Kamla living in the city cluster of Anup Singh Allahabad. She has taken loan thrice for cattle business. Before this loan Kamla had only 3 cattle’s which did not yield milk enough for the whole family. Now she has 26 cattle’s. Her husband and 3 out of 6 children are in this business earning a sum of ` 20,000/- to ` 25,000/- per month. Kamla says, “We sell cow milk and buffalo milk separately. Some buy 2 litres and others one and half litre. The total monthly income sums up to 20,000/- to 25, 000/-. That’s what our whole family lives on.” Our children are also engaged in the same trade.”