Focus on education to develop the nation

We believe in the development of the society and for the same we have set a mission to “identify and motivate poor women in a cost-effective way and deliver them micro finance services in an honest, timely and efficient manner. The company targets to make social impact in the lives of the people by providing them with the education facilities and opportunities. The basic objective of the company is to build relationship with the community and focus on the social and environmental up gradation and the elimination of barriers for the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

Sonata Finance endeavours to build quality education accessible to all communities especially for unprivileged students from rural area through CSR activities. The interventions are excellence in education and introduction of technology in education. There is also a spotlight on gender parity in schools and that starts right from awareness about the right to education for girls.

Objective of the Sonata CSR

Accelerating positive impact in rural education condition through government run primary school:
Through our CSR programs, we focus on issues most relevant to our business and where we believe we can make the greatest impact. Education condition in rural areas is our one of the core objectives under the CSR activity.
As per our CSR initiatives we set goals to upgrade education condition of rural areas where basic infrastructure conditions is required to be improved. We focus over the areas where due to poverty, education in the costly private schools were out of the reach of the parents and the absence of basic infrastructure in government schools was the major hurdle for prospective students to get enrolled in the schools.

We focus on helping students in developing the skills to participate, innovate, and thrive in the new digital mode of education method by investing our resources. As our initiative we provide financial aid/ equipment’s to the schools for integrating technology-based education solutions.
We aim to upgrade overall infrastructure of selected schools and aim to create these institutions as model schools in the district which provide best academic environment to the students.

Implementation Areas

Objective achieved so far...

Since one of our aims is to maximize the CSR benefits through increase in the number of enrolments but the actual challenge was the location of the school in rural areas. Most of the schools were situated in very remote area. Thus, motivation for the study was low and it was hard to convince their parents to send children in school. Few schools have only 20-30 students. But during 4 year of CSR activities the enrolment has increase by 60%. An average enrolment of schools has 180+ in year 2018-2019

The responses have been getting from the teacher and parents indicates that a better infrastructure including games activities and other technological supports engage students in the study and parents which turns in to lesser separation between schooling tenure, and also create the interest in children to attend their classes regular basis.

Basic infrastructure at schools such as sanitation facilities, drinking water facilities, counselling and career guidance create an awareness regarding importance of education.

Beautiful and school theme-based painting on wall of school attracts kids. Because it’s hard to keep kids away from the fun. Stories, rhymes and games painted on wall of school brings lot of excitement among kids. They get different ideas to think, play and learn.
All school impanelled in CSR programme are painted with objectives ofCreativity, fun, Improved Academic Performance, Visual Learning andDecision Making.
Paintings on the walls of the schools with messages about cocurricular activities, hygiene and cleanliness.

SMART Classes:

Sonata aim to build smart classes in every impanelled school. The main reason of setting smart classroom is giving students with varied power of understanding and learning. It also enhances learning experience because of access to online resource which increases productivity of the students.

Thanking Notes from our Head teacher