This refund policy shall be applicable for payments made by our loan client / borrower using our ‘Sakhee’ mobile application. Scope of policy is as hereunder.

a. In all such transactions where (i) money is deducted from loan client / borrower’sbank account without crediting loan client / borrower’s loan account and (ii) the money is credited in our account then Sonata will process refund of such transaction in 5-7 working days. A successful transaction is one where the money deducted from the loan client / borrower’sbank account is credited in the loan account number details of which are provided by the loan client / borrower’s in the ‘Sakhee’ mobile application.

b. No adjustment or return will be given if a transaction is successfully completed and amount is credited in the loan account of loan client / borrower’s as per details provided by him while doing the payment using our ‘Sakhee’ Mobile Application.

c. Refund, if any, will be made in the same account of the loan client / borrower’swhich was used for payment of due amount / outstanding amount.

d. In case amount is debited from loan client / borrower’s bank account but the same is not credited in Sonata’s account then the payment gateway service provider shall be responsible to resolve the issue.

e. Refund policy of the payment gateway service provider will be applicable on cases not covered herein above.

f. All disputes will be subject to Lucknow jurisdiction only.