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SFPL microfinance has a social dream and business direction that means giving oppressed women monetary freedoms to change the nature of their lives.

We are a self-reasonable monetary foundation that uses the circulation organization to channel different items and administrations.

Our customers contain 100% unprivileged women living in the country and semi-metropolitan zones. Our center is contacting the unbanked and offering monetary types of assistance to women business visionaries having a place with the monetarily and socially denied segment of society.

Our obligations are not confined simply to monetary help yet, in addition, to familiarize the customers to deal with their financials by dispersing Financial Literacy to them. SFPL has faith in powerful strategic approaches, straightforward strategies communicated in our Customer-Centric endeavors towards our Clientele.

SFPL tries to make esteem and adjusted development for every one of its partners while keeping customers at the middle.