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Large Client Base MFI in India

Sonata India is a name you can reckon. With years of expertise in pioneering microfinance service in India we have emerged, as the best of its kind in offering financial support to poor and middle class people.

We have a large client base MFI in India with a national and global repute.

Full Financial Support to People

In India, a huge section of the general public, especially low-pay individuals, has almost no admittance to formal monetary administrations. Sonata India gives advances, credit, protection, admittance to bank accounts, and cash moves are given to entrepreneurs and business visionaries to make India an emerging nation.

We too unequivocally have faith in these fantasies and have been offering financial assistance in the remotest pieces of India by banding together with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). We offer creative microfinance arrangements at serious loan fees and negligible documentation at their doorstep. We do discount financing to MFIs for on-loaning and give assurances to help MFIs profit subsidizing from different sources.

Our client driven cycles guarantee that we honor the responsibility of each miniature borrower by impeccably supplementing their goals and engage them, to help accomplish their fantasy. All things considered, confidence at the grass-root level is simply the initial move towards a dependent India. For more details, join with us to become a large client base MFI in India.